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Featured Charity: GirlForward!

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Petal & Herb is proud to announce that we will be supporting GirlForward! this quarter by donating 10% of our profits to help them with their efforts. GirlForward is a community of support dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for girls who have been displaced by conflict and persecution.

GirlForward was started by Blair Brettschneider, a young woman that was working for a refugee resettlement agency in Chicago. Blair began tutoring girl who's story, drive and passion despite her challenges eventually inspired the creation of GirlForward. 

GirlForward! has three main programs. Their Mentoring Program pairs girls with mentors to engage in "4W" activities (Wellness, Wisdom, Wallet and World) in order to explore their passions and graduate from high school. Camp GirlForward provides a space for girls to simultaneously build their English skills while exploring their identities and learning about the world around them. The Safe Spaces Project provides safe spaces for girls to explore their identities, connect with other girls, and access the resources they need.

Petal & Herb applauds their efforts and hopes with your help we can make the world a better place, one beauty product at a time. If you would like more information about GirlForward please visit their website GirlForward.


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