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Over Do the Sun this Past Summer?

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If there was ever a skin affliction that truly changed my life, it would be Melasma. Splotchy, dark pigmentation that is difficult to get rid of, and commonly associated with hormonal changes, my personal battle with Melasma (also called Colasma), started affecting my daily life and self-esteem around the age of 12. My unhappiness with the uneven pigmentation on my cheeks lead me to try some really dangerous bleaching methods on my skin in high school that only made matters worse. My final solution was piling on makeup to cover it up.

From age 13-30, I never left my house without makeup on because I was so uncomfortable with the color of my skin. Melasma lead me to study makeup and my career in Hollywood, and ultimately to change my career to aesthetics in hopes of learning how to rid myself of this frustration once and for all.

Luckily, after trying so many methods to try to lighten these spots, from lasers to prescriptions, I have finally found proven methods that help to correct this common skin issue. They take time, diligence, patience, and daily applications of sunscreen, but melasma can be controlled.

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